Allow the Whole-Egg Pasta to shine!

If you haven't yet experienced the difference between water-based pasta and whole-egg pasta, then you may not be aware that this full-bodied pasta is not merely a vessel upon which the sauce is the star.

Most of us grew up with delicious bolognese, or creamy carbonara and within these flavour packed sauces lurked pasta that both lacked flavour and obvious texture.  It wasn't until we began experimenting with pizza dough that we became confident enough to dabble in Pasta dough.

Using our beautiful imported 00 flour from Italy, and some advice from our Italian suppliers in Melbourne, we began to perfect the ratio of flour to semolina to produce a robust dough that extruded into the most magnificent pasta.  Robust when raw, but soft and silky when cooked.  This dough is made with no added salt, no oil, minimal water and no additives.  It is simply flour and whole free range egg, straight from our Red Door Hens.  Pure, fresh and made with love... as with everything we produce a The Red Door Pizzeria.

With goodness such as this, it is important to be remember that this pasta has a flavour all of its own.  We believe that the flavour combinations that you add should be light and simple.  Fresh Herbs like Basil, Tarragon or Parsley, Garlic, high quality Olive Oil, grated fresh Parmesan & if you prefer a tomato base, try a light crushed tomato such as Isabella Tomato which is low in acid but rich in flavour.  Use this as your base and then add a protein of your choosing such as Pancetta, Bacon, Prosciutto, Salami or seafood such as Prawns or marinara mix.  Shredded, Shaved or Grated Fresh Parmesan to finish is a must, and a drizzle of chilli oil adds another dimension!

That is as hard as it needs to be.

Heat your Olive oil in a fry pan, then add your garlic and other ingredients.  Remove from the heat and then add your pasta straight from the boiling water. (Keep in mind that the presence of the whole egg in the pasta means it is difficult to overcook so there is no stress) The moisture in the Pasta will be great in the pan when your tossing your heavenly flavours through.  Let the heat in the pan gently blend the pasta and the sauce... then turn out into your plate and finish with your Parmesan and or chilli oil, and season to taste.  A sprinkle of fresh herb is a pretty finish.

Simple, quick, healthy and packed with flavour... your egg-pasta will be the star... as we think it should be.

We hope you enjoy Pasta the Italian way!



Odette & Trevor


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